The Social Aspects of Traveling – 3 Reasons Why Every American Should Visit Europe at Least Once


In 2015, I went on an epic 2-week, 5 country trip to Europe, stopping in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, and various parts of Iceland. In fact, I’m still processing this trip, in the sense that I’ve taken in so many different experiences that my brain is still compartmentalizing them and extracting what it is that I […]

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The Biggest Revelation I Had When I Started Traveling


I must add a disclaimer before I begin this post – it may spoil your current idea of happiness, as it were. However, this is not meant to do that, but simply provide perspective on the conflicting thoughts that you begin engaging in when your world becomes a composite of much broader views as a result of […]

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My Relationship with Traveling the World and its Meaning


The time has come for me to present you with a non-food oriented piece of my mind and to create some context as to why I am so dedicated to incorporating a travel aspect in my food blog. To better paint the picture, I have, as of this moment, at the not-so-tender age of 27, […]

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An Overture to My Travel Food Experiences


You see those green parts of the world? That’s where I’ve been. I’d like to start out by showing you the parts of the world I have traveled to up to this point (my tender age of 26). This is simply to provide a point of reference and create context for why I am so […]

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