Alexandra Segal

I’m Alex and I love food, as you may have already guessed. I started cooking when I was 14 years old and only got more and more passionate about it with my various food and traveling experiences. My Russian background gave me the skills and basis of home cooking appreciation and my proximity to New York City as well as various world travels, have opened a world of wide culinary experiences and inspirations. Β I love everything savory – the unique mixing of spices and flavors is what truly makes an excellent dish for me; when you achieve that perfect balance of flavors and your mouth goes “aaaaaah” in pure ecstasy.

I also fell in love with climbing volcanoes when I first tried it in Bali and have since embraced that traveling for me is a way of life, not simply a hobby. I have been to over 30 countries at this point in my life and have many more on my list that I would like to visit. I love sharing my travel experiences with the world to inspire and motivate, as well as to encourage my generation to explore the world.


*Disclaimer – all photography is my own unless otherwise stated/cited.