My Relationship with Traveling the World and its Meaning

The time has come for me to present you with a non-food oriented piece of my mind and to create some context as to why I am so dedicated to incorporating a travel aspect in my food blog. To better paint the picture, I have, as of this moment, at the not-so-tender age of 27, traveled to 22 countries on 5 continents and I plan on growing that list significantly. Simply put – my relationship with my traveling is undoubtedly and irrevocably the best relationship of my entire life.

Now, before you go on thinking that girlfriend here is crazy and cannot get a man, that is not the case. I can get a man and I have one, a very good one. But that relationship has nothing to do with my traveling one in the sense that I am not filling a personal void by gallivanting around the world. The reasons why my relationship with traveling is the best relationship are as follows, in no particular order:

  1. Every travel experience makes me a richer, smarter, and more open-minded person – relationships with humans just simply don’t deliver on that level consistently.
  2. Travel never hurts me, cheats on me, or plays with my emotions – it only makes me feel good…great in fact. Travel makes me consistently and irrevocably happy and gives my life purpose.
  3. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – with every country I visit and every culture I experience I become a richer individual and a better human being.
  4. It is the most intensely satisfying spend of my hard-earned money – there is nothing, NOTHING I look more forward to than planning my next trip.
  5. It comes as naturally as breathing – simply put, it’s ADDICTING, the more I get of it, the more I want it, so yes, in this context, it is a drug, but a drug that elevates me with no negative side effects. My senses become overwhelmed with every beautiful mountain, lake, city, and blade of grass and so I want to see more.
Sacred Valley, Peru

Okay Alex, so what does climbing volcanoes around the world mean to you?

My relationship with traveling is my most intimate, sacred, and elevated one and I admire those who share my emotions and thoughts, especially the entire Under30Experiences crew and all the amazing people I’ve met on my now 3 trips with them to Bali, Iceland, and Peru.

Traveling is the balance in my life that keeps everything in place and motivates me to be a better person, not only for myself, but for everyone around me. Everyone in this world has a purpose – you should embrace yours and cherish your most meaningful relationships, with people, or anything and everything that makes you want to wake up in the morning.

Volcanic sand beach in Iceland

Please don’t sit in front of the computer and sigh and say to yourself “Oh man, I wish I could do that but…” Whatever your excuse is, I promise you you can find a way around it. If you need advice, tips, or inspiration on how you can start your adventure, check out The Social Girl Traveler. She is a wonderful fellow human being who has been traveling the world and sharing her experiences.

Get out of your comfort zone and step into something that makes you scared and at the same time excited – that feeling of an adrenaline junkie before she jumps into a waterfall – that feeling that can never be replicated or substituted by anything else. THAT is living with a purpose.

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Hey Guys! I’m Alex. I am a digital marketer by profession, traveler, foodie, and make-up junkie. I was inspired to start my blogs as a means of recording my many adventures while sharing my passion for all the things in life that make it a little bit brighter and more interesting. I’m an avid photographer, endless adventurer ( I love to climb mountains and rummage through forests) and an art history fanatic, with a passion for writing and learning about new cultures.

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