Joshua’s Cafe in Woodstock, NY


I’ve been frequenting the Catskills this summer for some serious hiking and Woodstock has always been in the back of my mind as a place to definitely stop by when I got the chance. Although I am completely neutral when it comes to the hippie culture, it seems almost rebellious not to, because it’s right there, directly off of route 87, on the way back home. So finally one day, after another 6-mile hike, we were absolutely ravenous and given that most small towns in the area are not all that well-known for their gastronomic scene, I decided to look into Woodstock’s restaurants.

We weren’t in a particular mood for anything specific, just some good nutritious food so when Google spat back a bunch of pizza and pasta restaurants at me, I kept scrolling to find Joshua’s Cafe and quickly became intrigued by the eclectic, locally-sourced menu and great reviews.

Chef Stefanie Schachter’s Middle-Eastern inspired menu features classics like shwarma and falafel, made from locally-sourced ingredients, and some very interesting twists – like latkes served with smoked salmon-wrapped asparagus and linguine with lamb ragu, feta, and mint.

The place itself is small and decorated in a very minimalistic style, making it intimate while allowing you to focus on the food. The main dining room faces the street and of course it was fascinating for me to sit there, waiting for my meal, and people watch. In a town like Woodstock you have to people watch…just trust me on this one.

Onto the food – the dishes are perfectly-balanced, and are full of flavor and masterfully-executed simplicity that comes from well-sourced ingredients and a beautiful presentation.

There is also a good selection of locally-brewed beer and lots of coffee and tea drinks.

We had the latkes as an appetizer

latkes served with smoked salmon-wrapped asparagus

I thoroughly enjoyed the pasta dish

lamb ragu with linguine
lamb ragu with linguine, feta, and mint

And my boyfriend ordered the shaminah, which was a grass-fed beef burger with onions, parsley and pine nuts and grilled eggplant in a pita with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and tahini


We decided to go next door for some ice cream to round off our meal as I did not see a dessert menu.

Bonus about Joshua’s – the menu is very well-rounded to cater to any eater – vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, so it’s very easy to find something delicious you can eat.

A pleasant and unexpected delight in Woodstock, NY, very true to its tagline – making good food with love.

If you’re ever up in those neck of the woods, go check out the hippie culture then have lunch or dinner at Joshua’s.

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