Momofuku Noodle Bar: The Best Bowl of Ramen in NYC

If you don’t know who David Chang is, please go on Netflix right this instant, find a show called The Mind of a Chef and marathon the first season.  After you’ve done that, there is little explaining I need to do as to why Chang’s bowl of ramen is the best you can get in New York City.

I’d like to highlight my Momofuku favorites, starting with the Brisket Buns


An amazing beef take on the classic Pork Bun. And if you’re vegetarian, here’s a tasty option: Shiitake Buns


Once you’ve tried that, please move on to the main part of the show – the ramen. Here we have the classic Momofuku Ramen Bowl


Which has everything you could ever need or want from a meal…ever – pork belly, pork shoulder, bean sprouts, scallions, amazing noodles and a barely-poached egg that you pierce so that it coats all the noodles- all in a smokey flavorful broth that coats everything in the bowl. The smokiness comes from bacon that Chang gets from Tennessee and it is his signature twist on the traditional ramen broth.

For a spicy take, try the Pork Shank Ramen, which features a red chili broth, pork belly, radishes, and tons of cilantro, with flat, amazing noodles


If you dare have dessert after all this (if your stomach is, in fact, a bottomless pit), you can’t go wrong with any of Christina Tosi’s desserts.

A word of advice – I’ve never been to Momofuku for lunch, but if you’re coming for dinner, dinner service starts at 5:30 and believe you me, there will be a line formed at the door by 5, so get there early if you don’t want to wait a long time to get in.

Much love and devotion to a bowl of soup.

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