Coq Au Vin – The Ultimate Hearty French Chicken Stew

I have been craving a savory stew lately and being the Francophile that I am, I decided it was time for me to master the second dish of all French dishes – the Coq Au Vin (boeuf bourguignon being the first) which is simply very well-braised chicken in red wine, with a bacon base and the typical accompanying veggies (onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms).

My initial instinct was to immediately look up Julia Child’s recipe for this, but I reverted to YouTube and found a very easy-to-follow recipe from one of my favorite food vloggers – Chef John from Food Wishes; my only deviation from his recipe was adding the carrots.

All in all, what you get is an incredibly delicious soft, moist chicken with a super flavorful veggie sauce with a predominant thyme flavor, which is the only herb used in the recipe.

I think I went a little heavy on the bacon so my sauce was extra thick, even after skimming the fat off of it – I’m actually not a fan of bacon at all, but I could not deviate from the recipe with this as it is such an important ingredient in the whole process. If you’re not a fan either, just use very little; pancetta works very well too.

Serve this baby up with some mashed potatoes (which I made after I took pictures) and you’ve got a classic, hearty, super flavorful rustic French dish which always makes me think of Provence.

In conclusion, if you love your protein braised in redΒ wine – make this ASAP. And by the way, if you’re cooking to impress, this will do a great job doing so!


Do you have recipe suggestions for me? Would you like me to make something special? Let me know in the comments – feedback would be greatly appreciated!